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Friday, June 20, 2008

Calling Out All Animal Users

The excuses and justifications for exploiting animals for human luxury are beginning to wane thin. Even the so called humane animal movement is now being exposed as recent sites such as arise. Films like Earthlings are beginning to make their impact as they make their way around the country. Based on raw information and the ugly truth, people can and are beginning to make more informed food, clothing, and entertainment choices. There is little more fulfilling in life than knowing that you are not a part of the problem but the solution. Be courageous, if you eat and buy animal products, open your heart and watch this film in its entirety. It will be hard, but do it for the 50 billion animals that needlessly suffer from human dominance, do it for the environment, do it for your own health. For anyone interested, I would be thrilled to send you a paper I recently put together called "A Case for Veganism: Healthy Humans, Happy Animals and a Sustainable Planet." Change begins today, even if it must be baby steps.

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Holding Fox to the Fire

Here is a much needed corrective to the one-sided, Israel only media. Since the American public does not have prime time access to Al-Jazeera in order to hear the other side of the story from the other side, straight shooting Scottish parliamentarian George Galloway is a breath of fresh air. Though forceful, his points are oft neglected and well taken.

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