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Friday, December 22, 2006

Giving A Voice To Those Who Have None

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When are we going to come to our senses? How modern and civilized are we really? Why do we continue to torment and mutilate animals? Why do we act as if they are ours to use and abuse at will? How can we ignore their desires, feelings, and longings? Like us all, they want freedom, and a long happy life. I'm sickened and becoming frustrated with scandal after scandal, expose after expose of horrific images of animal abuse. Can we please stop taking advantage of creatures that can't protect themselves? Is it necessary? Do we really need their flesh to satisfy our taste buds, their skin for our aesthetic appeal? Might there be another way? Have we not the technology, ability, knowledge, and desire to live fulfilling, meaningful, productive lives without exploiting other sentient creatures? It's time to stop the uncritical approach to life that allows corporations to sell us their misuse of animals. We all make choices everyday that either says yes or no to this sad syndrome of senseless slaughter. Let's start making a difference today!


Saturday, December 16, 2006

Is George Bush The Worst President Ever?

The Answer is undeniably, Yes...hands down, there is no question. Over 650,000 Iraqi's dead, Trillions of dollars in debt, the ineptness during Katrina, the 9/11 attacks, war and 'chase' of Osama Bin Laden, Oil prices, the Patriot Act, the lies of WMD's, the deaths of thousands of US soldiers and the effects on their families, the outrage and disapproval of the rest of the civilized world, Depleted Uranium and it's effects, the criminal profiteering of corporations on the wars, the energy crisis in California, an impediment to Stem cell research, the buffonery with Iran and North Korea...on and on and on and on...and not to mention all of this with the Republicans in Control! This unquestionably makes him the worst president in our history. The real question should be: Is George Bush, Jr. the worst human being that ever lived?

Clinton getting handjobs in the white house does not by any stretch of the imagination take precedence over the evils of George W. George Bush is a lying, manipulating, murdering, theiving and very rich, megolomaniac without one clue as to how to serve the people of this country or in fact, how to serve anybody other than his own pocketbooks and those of his cohorts.