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Monday, July 30, 2007

Must See Movie of the Year

Michael Moore, the name alone can make people cringe or crack a smile. Regardless of your political persuasion and what you think about his previous films, his latest documentary "Sicko" is a must see. Being one of the best documentaries I have seen, I can assure you that it is at least worth your time. View it and decide for yourself if there is nothing worth fixing in America.

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Blogger sean said...

Indeed "Sicko" was a fine documentary. There is no question in my mind that health insurance is one the primary widespread injustices in America today. I myself can share a story about how the poor don't get coverage. When I was going to Atlanta Bible College, I worked at a steakhouse restaurant serving tables. It was great money and the hours were flexible. During this time my wife became pregnant. I was insured through the restaurant because I was full time. However, in our first visit to the doctor we used all of our insurance up for the year and even owed money. I was absolutely shocked because they didn't even do anything other than weigh my wife, take her blood, and a couple of other very minor routine procedures.

Well anyhow, I've learned the lesson (the hard way) that all insurance companies are not equal and as Michael Moore points out, there goal is not to enable you to receive the best health care, rather it is to save themselves as much money as possible. I now have "decent" insurance though there is still a deductible to have a baby of $500. This is vastly cheaper than if I didn't have insurance (it would be tens of thousands then) but at the same time it is vastly more than the French, the British, the Canadians, or even the Cubans pay.

The movie will no doubt be marginalized and chalked up to being "just another Michael Moore film" by those who don't want to even consider that their beloved "Christian Nation" has major problems, especially in health care. Even so, to those with an open mind, or even just an open crack, or just a little hairline sliver of openness to become educated on a major issue, the film is well worth the $10 to see it.

After watching it and seeing some of the stories of people who died because they were denied procedures that could save their lives, my heart yearned and cried out all the more for the Son of Man to return and set the world right. Until then...WATCH SICKO!

9/09/2007 4:16 AM

Anonymous Kurt said...

So much for "Sicko"...

"Filmmaker Michael Moore praises the UK's National Health Service as a model for the U.S. in his latest film, "Sicko," but record numbers of British citizens have apparently not seen the movie and are going abroad and paying out of their own pockets to obtain better health care.

More than 70,000 Britons will have treatment abroad this year, the London Sunday Telegraph reported, a number that is forecast to rise to 200,000 by 2010.

In the first survey of its kind in the UK, Britons said long waits for treatment by the NHS and fears of the growing hospital-infection crisis were the primary reasons they chose to seek medical care elsewhere."

10/28/2007 9:50 PM


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