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Thursday, January 04, 2007

"Support Our Troops" for Real

We see it on bumper stickers and we hear it constantly, 'Support the troops.' Now let me ask a question: what does this mean exactly? I wish someone who says this would actually finish the thought and tell me what it means and just how we are to do this. Does it mean we support every word they say and every action they take, whether good or bad? Does it mean that we leave them overseas and send reinforcements? Does it mean that we cannot criticize the President, his Administration and the War? Well whatever it may mean, it ought to never inspire the American people to swallow every word the President speaks, nor should it stop us from criticizing a war that has proven to be criminal, illegal and murderous.

It should never stop the American people from telling the President that we will not be lied to anymore...that we do not want our taxes to buy one more bomb, fly one more plane, ship one more troop, or kill one more Iraqi.

By supporting our troops I mean that the American people need to stand up and fight this corrupt administration and let them know that we do not condone the killing of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi's...that we do not like seeing our soldiers maimed and killed....that we are not interested in ruining lives and families...that we abhor the lies and propaganda of a false 'war on terror'...that we are not Imperialists and have no business invading a foreign country.

By 'supporting the troops' I mean very simply that the American people reject the war. I also mean that we tell the President and his cabinet we know what they are doing and that the gig is up....that we know about the scandalous corporate profiteering in Iraq...that we understand the horrors of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the negligence with which our returning troops are treated. We will tell them that we know Saddam Hussein was a puppet empowered and used by the United States and that by killing him was only destroying what we initially created...we know that Iraq has no connection to 9/11 and they have no WMDs...we also know that what they do have is what the U.S. has always wanted -- large oil reserves...we know about the secret wars and coups of the CIA and U.S. Government in the past (in Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, etc. etc.)...we know that our Imperialistic, Bully-minded foreign policy does not 'fight' or 'eliminate' any threat, it only creates terrorists and hatred for America...we know, we know, we know!

And this is the saddest part, that a country built on such great principles and ideals, the "land of the free," is being ruined and villainized around the globe by militaristic officials and greedy corporate scoundrels. Think about it!? Why does the U.S. encounter such hostility around the planet? Very simple, because we are oppressive and brutal to the rest of the world. And then we wonder why they burn our flag and blow up our buildings?

What a sad testimony to the intellect of Americans when they get fooled by a line like, "They hate us for our freedom." This is perhaps the most absurd thing any U.S. President has ever said. In answer to the question, why are there terrorists and why do they hate us, this is the most childish and devious response anyone can voice, and here is the tragedy, (1) it came from the 'leader' of our country and (2) the American people believe it! Listen, NOBODY hates anybody for having freedom...people hate because they are DENIED their freedoms and that is what the U.S. has done time after time, and they continue to do so now. We deny them their liberties, we deny them their land, their resources, their governments, their livelihoods, their houses and their lives -- THAT Mr. President is why they hate us and everyone seems to know it but the Americans.......shame.

Support the troops by bringing them home and ending the the troops by impeaching the the troops by demanding that our military ONLY be used to defend our our troops by educating them into Intelligent Individuals, not Robotic Slaves who kill on the troops by supporting this Lieutenant who refuses to go to Iraq

Steve Scianni

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Blogger Kyle Foley said...

it was either truth-driven thinking or ethics matters, i'm pretty sure the former. i really like podcasts, so much so that i've given up on television.

3/24/2007 3:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"support our troops" means praying that they will be ok in doing what their job has called them to do. it means praying that they will come home safely. that every one of them will come home safely. they are the ones that chose that life. all you can do is support their decisions.

4/06/2007 11:50 AM

Anonymous Michael Gray said...

hey man, you taught my history class today. Your blog rocks.

10/11/2007 7:40 PM

Blogger HungerTruth said...

Glad to see you are enjoying the blog. Were you able to check the site? Let me know what you think of the podcast.


10/12/2007 12:35 AM

Anonymous Pastor John said...

Hey Dan, this is PJ Man it has been a long time can we hook up for lunch or something? PJ in LA

7/02/2009 2:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dan, I am new hear but I agree with no trinity, no immortality, and no eternal hell-fire !

I was raised Wesleyan - but have recently been on a journey to re-establish my faith in God and what the Bible truly teaches.

My question is "the devil" !

Merv Pickett

7/20/2009 4:25 PM

Blogger HungerTruth said...

Hi Merv,

Welcome! How did you come to all of those non-Wesleyan positions?

What is driving you to re-establish your faith in God? Did you hit a low point, or feel like you were missing something?

Over the last couple of years, I have considered myself a soft atheist, a humanist, and an Earthling. Have you seen the documentary called Earthlings? You will understand after seeing it :-) I guess this answers the metaphysical question about the devil from my perspective, but as far as the Hebrew Bible and the NT, where do you lean?

My best,


7/20/2009 4:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dan, I know using the "blog" will open to more discussion - but if you would like respond with a new "link" - "Is the devil real" then maybe we can attack some more comments since I mistakenly just added my initial comment anywhere.

You can let me know by email where you feel this discussion should be hosted !

Yes- I fell away from God but to be nonest my personal relationship was not that strong which obviously contributed to me falling away.

I have not seen "Earthlings" !

I guess you have changed your position on God since the 2007 debate over "hell-fire" !

I would not be hear to debate your "soft atheist" beliefs - but rather just to get more of an understanding on your Biblical understanding about the "being" - "satan" !

There is No evidence in the Bible to suggest there was EVER a rebellion from God ! You can challenge this opinion - if you feel I am wrong !

I think this understanding gives further support to the correct position that "eternal hell-fire" has no "leader" called "satan" !

"satan" personifies "sinfulness" and/or "sinful desires" that ONLY exist within the human heart !

"demons" express a belief in "evil" ouside the realm of humans which is no different in mankind believing against the Will of God that there are "other gods" or "idols" (demons in OT) !

I am glad to hear you see how "unknown sicknesses" are attributed to "demons" !

Your reference to "devil as a roaring lion" is in reference to the persecuting forces of Rome which the followers of God had to contend - yes or no ?

I look forward to sharing more,


7/22/2009 1:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

IMO to support the troops is to support war which is unBiblical in that we are to love our enemies and not kill them !

Why can I justly say this ?

In the OT God's Kingdom (Isarael) was a Theocracy ! Today there is no Kingdom on earth since Jesus declared this to Pilate and this Kingdom is promised to "come" !

Therefore this world is currently filled with kingdoms led by men who desire war ! Thus Nebuchadnezzar's dream depicts the world state that will be destroyed by Jesus' return !

If we cannot trust and have faith in God to protect us from our enemies then how are we to be a light in this world of darkness ?

Look forward to any comments,


7/22/2009 4:12 PM


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