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Sunday, February 05, 2006

A bit about myself

My name is Dan Mages. I devoted my life to serving king Jesus as a sophomore in high school. I have had a wide array of church experiences including many years as a leader in a non-denominational mega church and a couple of years in a smaller Evangelical Free church. A few years back the senior pastor of the EV Free church, who was also one of my professors at the Master’s College, forbade me from partaking in communion because of doctrinal differences. Feeling astranged from the world to which I had grown accustomed I found myself coming in contact with more people who are open and willing to talk, study, read, pray, and seek God outside of the traditional church confines. Recently I joined a First Congregational Church, where members are treated as responsible adults able to think through difficult issues without being provided cliché, pre-packaged answers. A couple of years ago I founded HungerTruth, a progressive freethinking educational project with weekly meetings called Truth Conversations. During these meetings we either dialogue with invited guests on their specialties, or watch and discuss documentaries. HungerTruth organizes debates, holds interfaith forums, panel discussions and promotes education in politics, religion, history, philosophy, health and related matters. I currently am working on a Master's in Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary, which is preparation for my goal of a PhD.


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